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The best designs for kitchen layouts take into consideration how a kitchen is used on a daily basis and what arrangement of cabinets, appliances and work areas will function most efficiently. Whether it’s a new kitchen design or a kitchen remodel, how you design a kitchen layout will establish the foundation for all the other design elements that will go into the room.

Basically, there are five typical kitchen layouts used in kitchen design:
1. Single Galley Layout

For long narrow rooms, the single galley is the simplest layout. Single galleys work best with the sink in the middle and the other appliances built in or underneath the surface to make the most of the available space. It is important to have ample space either above or beside the oven to allow for placement of pans, pots and hot trays etc.


- Ideal for apartments and smaller homes
- Works well with the open designs found in many contemporary homes
- Small moveable table can provide eating space
- Can be enhanced with the addition of an island

2. Corridor Layout

This layout offers the most efficient use of space, making it the choice of many professional chefs. The two rows allow room for lots of preparation space, and moving between activity areas can be as easy as turning around. However, this shape is not ideal if the corridor is open at both ends, since it can cause traffic congestion.


- Great for smaller kitchens
- Appliances are close to one another
- Easy for one cook to maneuver
- Can easily convert to a U-Shape by closing off one end

3. L-shaped Layout

An L-shaped kitchen is often the best solution where the kitchen can fit into a corner, and ideal for a family kitchen, or for entertaining guests, since it can easily accommodate table and chairs in the same room. Using two adjacent walls, the kitchen also benefits from the lack of through-traffic. The sink, range and fridge should be separated by a preparation area.


- Very flexible layout design
- Major appliances can be placed in a variety of areas
- Work areas are close to each other
- Can easily convert to a U-Shape with a cabinet leg addition

4. U-shaped Layout

The use of three full walls in a room offers the perfect working kitchen. The fridge, range and sink can be spaced out for maximum efficiency and convenience. This is great news for those who take your cooking seriously, as it provides the best workflows with the shortest distances around the kitchen. This shape also allows for large amounts of countertop and storage space.


- Perfect for families who use their kitchens a great deal
- Provides plenty of counter space
- Efficient work triangle
- Can convert one cabinet leg into a breakfast bar

5. Island Layout

A very popular kitchen type, the island layout is perfect if you plan to entertain but requires more floor space. An independent island unit can face a dining or living area, allowing the cook to socialize while preparing. A sink here provides the optimal arrangement in terms of the kitchen’s working triangle. Otherwise, a cooktop with a canopy over the island can form a stunning focal point to the kitchen.


- Ideal for larger families needing extra storage space
- Plenty of counter and cabinet space
- Multiple cooks can function well in this layout
- Can convert one cabinet leg into a breakfast bar or entertaining area

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